Spray Analytics tests samples and consults with customers in a host of application areas.  Below is a list of project application areas we have been involved in with our customers.

Common Applications:

  • Personal Care Products – Aerosol and Non-Aerosol
  • Household Spray Products
  • Paint Products – Aerosol and Paint Sprayers
  • Insect and Pest Control Sprays
  • Inhalers, Nasal Sprays, Nebulizers and Other Medical Devices
  • Vape Products
  • Automatic Air Fresheners
  • Industrial Nozzle Characterization
  • Dust Suppression Sprays
  • Fuel Injectors

Have a spray product not on the list above?  Let us know and we can talk over the testing needed.  If the device sprays droplets between 0.1 and 2000um, we can most likely test it or consult for you.

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