About Spray Analytics


Spray Analytics was founded in 2013 with the purpose of collaborating with clients to help create better, safer and more efficient spray products and processes.

We are able to consult and provide critical data for our customers to ensure we are looking at their sprays in the optimal way.  This ensures the data provided is most indicative of true performance.  Testing and consultations can be done both at our site as well as yours.  Our unique ability to bring an instrument to our customers to work with them for a day or provide a project long instrument rental opens the door to more substantial collaboration and knowledge share.

Spray Analytics is a contract lab for droplet size testing of non-GMP samples as well as consulting services for all things droplet sizing.  We test samples using the Malvern Spraytec and have the ability to provide data on a wide array of spray products and tailor reports to customer needs.

Call us now at 847-977-8139 or email us at kyleb@sprayanalytics.com to discuss your specific needs.

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